Hi there, 

Who is this woman behind the camera? Well let me tell you. I crave my morning coffee the night before, I can eat a whole cake in one sitting, and my husband is my best friend.

Our daughter was born in March 2015 and she makes me strive everyday to be a strong, independent, hard working woman. I offer a wide range of photography services focused on creativity and high-energy fun.

Your photo day is all about you, and I will do everything I can to not only make this day fun and special, but also dig deep to capture your own personality and flare in each photo. We may meet as strangers on your photo day but promise you we’ll leave as friends.

My photography style is similar to photojournalism and very candid. I love capturing the natural light and authentic emotions on your day, and will cover everything from fine details to large group shots. I am determined to provide the highest quality service while capturing your day, whether it’s a family session or 8-hour wedding day.

I treat every client like you are my own family and deserve the best. I would love to capture your special day,

 reach out, let’s chat.